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Monday, January 7, 2008

~AiM For New Year MaAL HiJraH???~

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bali on 3 December to 15 December 2007 also known as COP 13 (Convention of Parties-13) and MOP 3 (Meeting Of Parties-3). The aim for this conference is to crafting a blueprint for negotiations leading to a new pact addressing global warming, also as a medium of sharing information on greenhouse gas emission, national policies and best practice. The participant is including 190 government of the world. Malaysia is one of the participants. Through this conference, world political leader is stressed to deliver a master plan to their country decisions makers in lower down the world climate change.

The focus on Bali is to draft a road map for negotiating cuts in heat-trapping carbon emission from 2012 (Kyoto Protocols) run out. The year of 2008 is the starting year for fully accomplished the Kyoto Protocols on climate change by the year of 2012, which is this period also known as (First Emission Budget Period). In the Kyoto Protocols, an Annex B country (Most Industrialized Nation and some Central European Economies) agrees to reduce their green house gasses emission in 6% to 8% from the year 1990 (during the First Emission Budget Period). The one and only country that reject this reducing of green house gasses is United State of America (USA),and the President of USA (George W. Bush) is fully refuse this protocol in the year of 2001. Their attendance in Bali is only as the observer.

The three days after this conference which is in December 18,2007, people around the world is been shocked with the news by the article publish on Sydney Morning Herald. The article stated that the Nusa Dua, Bali Complex which is the place for this conference is using the air conditioner that having hydrofluorocarbon which has released out 48 000 ton of Carbon Dioxide gases in 13 days conference.so, for this new year maal hijrah, why not we go for lower down the open burning, deforestration, etc.......to safe our environment......

how we can safe our planet?? how to lower down global warming???plz check it out through the link below....




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  1. kalau akak kahwin,yusro nak datang ke?hehehe...doakan yer...thn depan ker..uish kdg2 makin dekat makin byk ujian...tak taulah...redha


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