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Thursday, December 13, 2007

~The ThOughT of LiTTle ChiLd~

One day, storm come to one village near Kuala Terengganu & one child cry to her mom and say, “Mom, I’m so scared! Our house can be broken or not with that `Monster’ sounds?? I’m so scared….! Huhuhu….”

Then the mom says, “Only our house my dear?”

The child replies “What you meant by only our house mom?”

Then, the mother says “Em, if ALlah wants, He can make us be whatever He wanted to, He can take our life even in one second with or without any reason my dear Yuna…we can see, in Holy Quran, ALlah has said in Soorah Yaasin: 82, ‘Be! And it is…’ This storm is only the small part of His Almighty…did you knowing yuna, this storm having its benefit beside…”

The little child says “Really mom? What was that?”

The mom then started to explain more to her little princess “ok, if you want to know my dear, without that storm, air needed by the plant root and any other small organisms that lives in the soil cannot be obtain…did you know why my dear? It is because with that strong penetration of storm into the soil, air is then bringing inside too…so caring ALlah to His creature, right my dear yuna? ”

The little child now with smile in her eyes says “wow! ALlah is so caring to us right mom?! Now I know, the entire thing that He do, is having a benefit to us and all His creature right?! From now, I will not afraid to that storm again, promise!! Thank you mom….I love you so much mom!!!”

“I love you much my sweet princess…” the mother says with her kisses landed on her little princess forehead…


Bait al-Tasnim

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