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Monday, November 12, 2007


.......In The Name Of ALlah.....
The most graceful & the most merciful....

Uslub da`wah that us try and try to practice in our dai`e daily life actually is having many words to say. Let say, you’re fulltime student and in the same time working with ALlah as an active dai`e...Ok, as a fulltime student (for example, a degree student). So, a fulltime dai`e student out there, realized or not that you are having a big chance in gaining different uslub in doing da`wah?? Yup, that is trough the different courses you take in university.

Imagine that, if in one semester you`re taking 5 courses, and your study is taking about six semester. So, 5x6=30 courses that you been taken. From that, insyaALlah, you can attract many people with your knowledge base that is been applied in doing da`wah... a different programmed of course is having a different interesting courses right? For me, as a marine biology student, having a chance to gain knowledge of the natural environment, such as coral, orca (a killer whale), polychaete (a type of worm), dinoflagellates, many types of plankton, mangrove, fiddler crab, knowing different type of soil, water circulation, wave, tidal pattern and many more interesting thing helps me become more creative in da`wah.

Belive me, you can do it no matter what course you`re taking! Even math courses, like my friend, Qistina Afza. Other is adaSyuhada, Sufi, Aziah, Imah (chemistry), kakLeno,kakTi,Diza (accountancy), Cokma (economic), adikAm, Syahmah (fisheries), Latifah, Ayuni,Huda,Hana (Biology), Syakirah, Kak Wan(Marketing), Nafsiah, KakWa, Yana( Food Science), Surzanne, Aisyah(Aquaculture) etc. All of them are having strong abilities in doing da`wah with their own ways and styles! lets try it now....with the new objective of study; to broaden our uslub da`wah, hope that all of knowledge that we gain in every courses is not only just be remember for exam, but can be applied in our daily life ok=) insyaALlah, may our da`wah here after become more enjoyable and interesting to be done, not just by us as a dai`e, but for our mad`u...insyaALlah...

-11/11/07, 10:40pm


  1. Well Done...

    Hopefully, you'll become "Jack of Trader"

  2. thnx...haha, inshaAllah akk ku cayang..:)


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